Generator Services

Generac Generators repairing services


Some companies that offer generator installation only do the installation. If you have a problem with the generator or system after that, you need to call someone else. Just make one call to us! We offer installation, routine maintenance, and repair services to provide you with the backup power you need, when you need it. 

Considering that 7 out of 10 homeowners who have had a generator installed for them choose Generac-brand generators, that’s all we use. With a permanently installed Generac generator standing by to serve your home, you won’t have to worry about starting the generator when the power goes out or keeping the fuel tank topped off with fresh gasoline.

Your Generac generator will kick in automatically when there is a loss of power to your home, and it can be tied into your natural gas line or liquid propane (LP) fuel. The unit is placed outside, like your air conditioning unit, to provide you with reliable and quiet peace of mind in times of trouble.

What Size Generator Do You Need?

You can choose to have enough backup to power your whole home, or just essential elements. Our Comfort Consultant can speak with you about your needs and recommend the right-sized generator for the job.

Give us a call and we’ll handle all of your generator installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

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Our expert staff and highly trained technicians are standing by to serve you! Feel free to reach us at 757-313-2297.

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