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Air Conditioning

There’s no denying that weather in spring and summer in Hampton Roads can get very hot and humid. Even with the cooling breezes coming off the water that surrounds us, when you need a retreat from the heat, you need an air conditioning system that can handle the task. Contact Guy Smith for all your air conditioning needs, including installation, maintenance, and service calls.

When to Call Guy Smith

Call Guy Smith for your regular maintenance on your system; regular cleanings and inspections can prevent untimely issues. Guy Smith recommends a regular check before the summer heat is upon us to ensure your system is ready to keep your family comfortable this summer. If you experience any of these common problems, it’s time to pick up the phone:

Air Conditioner Breaker Tripped Services Breaker tripped
Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning and repairing services Fan running and no airflow
Two residential modern heat pumps buried in snow Ice forming at unit
Leaking roof damaged ceiling. Mildew stains on the ceiling due to flooding. Water stains on ceiling
Optimal temperature of air in the room shown on display of smartphone in human hand Unable to maintain temp
Woman smell stinky from dirty clothes Dirty sock smell
Plumbing Fitting for Water Draining From Emergency Drain Line Water draining from emergency drain line
Hand turning a home thermostat knob to set temperature on energy saving mode. Fahrenheit units. Composite image between a photography and a 3D background Thermostat issues
Radiator thermostat, heating temperature adjustment on euro banknotes Increased energy costs

We Install and Service:

Gas Furnaces
Heat Pumps
Ductless Mini Splits
(Gas and Oil)
Floor Furnaces
Gas lines for appliances
Rooftop Units

Free Second Opinion on Major Repairs:

Grounded or locked-up compressor
Cracked heat exchanger

Contact Us Today

Our expert staff and highly trained technicians are standing by to serve you! Feel free to reach us at 757-313-2297.

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