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NEWS FLASH! Is your service company taking advantage of you?

Did you know some companies pay their techs based on how much they charge you? Are you ok with being overcharged for a repair simply because of how the tech is paid? Can you be certain you even need what the tech recommends if he/she gets paid 25% or more of the money you pay for the repairs.

These techs are really "Independent Contractors" or "Sub-Contractors" and are usually paid a straight commission of 25% or more and are likely being paid on a draw type of system so that their employer can claim that they are actually employees of the company.

My employees are not paid this way because I believe it encourages fraud and price gouging and that would not benefit you or my company.

We do not pay a "Commission" to our employees for any repairs they perform. We pay an hourly wage which is based upon their ability to properly diagnose, repair and maintain your equipment as well as provide you with excellent service. We offer a fair price for the repairs we recommend and give you a 1 year warranty on most repairs and if you feel our price is out of line then I am happy to speak with you personally to make things right.

We really mean it when we say "How Can We Make You Smile!"

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Ken Smith President

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