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Here's How We'll Make You Smile...

$49 Service Charge

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 6:00pm

Fast Emergency Service

Monday - Saturday after 6pm
All day Sunday

Quality - A+ Rating with the BBB

We service over 15,000 folks just like you every year.
Our rating is earned by focusing on customer satisfaction.

Money Back Guarantee

No Hidden Charges.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or we will refund your money.

Same Day Service and Free Second Opinions

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Call 497-8673 for fast service

10% Discount

Military Members and
Senior Citizens

All employees are background checked and drug tested.

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Heating Problems? -   If it HEATS ... We WILL Fix It!

When others can't

 ... WE CAN!

 Here are some typical problems our professionally trained technicians handle on a daily basis:

  • Breaker keeps tripping
  • No heat at all
  • Heat will not shut off
  • Burning smell or fumes

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  • I want my kitchen to be 72 degrees when I'm cooking, but my husband prefers the rest of the home to stay at 75 degrees. Will zoning help?
  • Pilot light is out or won't stay lit
  • Air duct is coming apart
  • Humidity is to low
  • Outdoor fan not turning
  • Thermostat won't work
  • Water laying in drain pan
  • Thermostat display screen is blank
  • Dog urine is destroying outdoor unit
  • Power failure and now heat won't come back on
  • Turned on the heat ... air conditioning came on
  • Heat is working but it's not putting out enough heat
  • Blowing cold air but heat is turned on
  • Very high heating costs
  • Heater keeps cutting on & off rapidly
  • Funny smell when heat came on
  • I ran out of oil - heat won't come back on
  • Water leaking from furnace or boiler
  • Ice building up on equipment
  • Freon leaks
  • Add a gas line for a grill etc..
  • Add new air ducts
  • Outdoor unit producing smoke or steam
  • Outdoor unit not running
  • Unit is making noises
  • Weed wacker cut wire to outdoor unit
  • UV light not working
  • Heating and air conditioning running at same time 

  • We are the 'Home of the $49 Service Call!'  -  Same Day Service!  -  We offer after hours Service

    We will 'Meet or Beat any written offer you have to repair or replace your heating or cooling system'

     If you're not happy with the professional services provided to you today  ... your SERVICE CALL is FREE!

    How Can We Make You Smile!

  • It's not just a catchy phrase
  • We truly want to leave you smiling
  •      as we pull away from your home!

  • So, before you spend a pile of cash
  •     call us for a FREE ... UNBIASED ... 2nd OPINION

         FEEL WHEN YOU DO!

    Call us Now! ... We are ALWAYS in a neighborhood near you!
    Don't waste time...

    Our customer care team is very
    friendly and understands that you need quick attention to your heating problem.

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    We work hard to bring you the "BEST VALUES" ... We are the HOME of the $49 Service Call

    Would you like to ... use our 'Customer Scheduling Portal"

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    Book your own service call using our real time online scheduling system?
    Guarantee your spot on our service schedule?
    Receive EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our GUARANTEED Express or Reserved Time Slots?
    Pick a date and time that works for you...
    That should make ANYONE smile!
    Receive a CONFIRMATION # as PROOF of scheduling...

    CLICK the 'Customer Scheduling Portal to get started!

    'Online Scheduling' using our 'Customer Scheduling Portal" means IT'S DONE...
    Your service call is going to happen exactly as YOU expect!

    Our 'Express or Reserved Time Slot' Guarantee
    We will ... BE ON TIME ... EVERYTIME ... 
    Your Service Charge is FREE ... and ...  We will give you $100 off any needed repairs.

    Why Only $49?
    Because we know our economy
    is weak and folks need a break!


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    Our $49 Service Call includes all of the following:

    • Our 'No Games Guarantee'... We have NO HIDDEN FEES ...
      If you are not happy with the service we provide we will refund your money...
      It is very important to us that we actually ARE able to "Make You Smile"... for us it's not just a slogan...
      It's our way of doing business
      ... every day!
    • Regardless of how long it takes to diagnose your problem... it's ONLY $49 ... not a penny more!
    • We will tell you exactly what is wrong with your system.
    • We will give you all of your options... so YOU can make an educated decision.
    • Your system CAN be repaired... Don't be railroaded into thinking that you MUST replace your equipment!
    • Our recommendations come with 'No Strings Attached' ...
      We know that if we do what's best for you and your family, you are likely to use us to repair your system and refer us to your friends.
      Isn't  that what business is really all about?

               We want to be THE  heating and cooling service company you choose for the rest of your life
    • A stress free, state of the art, customer friendly scheduling portal.
    • Helpful, caring and friendly customer care representatives standing by awaiting your calls.
    • Professional, friendly technicians that have been drug tested and background checked for your safety and
      are trained in local manufacturer sponsored training facilities to work on your equipment.
    • Your technician uses advanced video conferencing techniques to communicate with top management level service supervisors
      whenever they encounter a situation where they need technical support.
    • Our uniformed technicians and comfort consultants wear white shirts and dark pants or shorts.
      All authorized shirts clearly show the name of the technician and the company logo on the front...
      T-shirts are also authorized but the employees name is not printed on the garment...
      Safety is a concern for everyone... When in doubt, don't hesitate to call us to express your concern
    • Clean service vans which are easily identified with the  logo on all sides of the vehicle.
    • Trucks are fully stocked with parts so we are prepared to fix your equipment on the spot.
    • After hours service is available EVERY day of the week!

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